We Specialize in Resolving all Tax Debts Quickly & Easily

The IRS writes off Millions!

Are you eligible? Find out now.


How do you qualify?

  • Individuals or Businesses that currently owe the IRS or State.
  • A tax levy was filed against your account.
  • A tax lien was filed against you and/or your business.
  • You need asset protection.

How We Can Help?

  • Stop Tax Levies, Tax Liens, Wage Garnishments.
  • Settle your taxes for a fraction of what you owe.
  • Restructure your business debt.
  • Stop property seizures.


  • Wage Garnishment
    Our tax professionals can stop and prevent wage garnishments.
  • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
    We utilize various programs such as the fresh start initiative to help reduce your IRS tax debt.
  • Payroll Tax Negotiation
    If your company owes payroll taxes, we can help negotiate the debt down. Don’t let the IRS shut your business down!

  • Tax Levies & Liens
    In most cases a bank levy can be reversed in 48 hours. Our tax professionals can help protect you.
  • Tax Settlement
    We will negotiate with the IRS to reduce your tax debt and settle for a lesser amount.
  • IRS Audit Defense
    If you are facing an IRS audit our experienced tax attorneys can represent you throughout the process.


Step 1: Comprehensive Free Consultation

Step 1: Comprehensive Free Consultation
One of our expert tax attorneys will call you to get the details of your situation. Normally consultations can cost $400/hour or more but yours is FREE for visiting our site today.

Step 2: Investigation & Protection

Step 2: Investigation & Protection
First, we will contact the IRS and request an immediate hold on collections and request a copy of your IRS records. Our protection will continue to be in place while we work to lower your debt. That means your Wages, Bank accounts, and assets are protected!

Step 3: IRS Tax Relief Options Presented and Fulfilled
The IRS offers different debt relief programs. Compliance will be initiated with the IRS and based on your unique circumstances, our tax resolution experts will apply existing tax relief code to provide your best options.

Step 4: Tax Freedom & Tax Management
Once our professionals have resolved your tax matter we will work with you moving forward to help you manage your taxes so that you never end up with the same problem again; that means helping you file your taxes on time as well as managing your estimated payments or withholdings so that you don’t owe in the future.



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