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When dealing with an agency as large as the IRS, only trust someone with the experience and expertise of a Tax Attorney.


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Small Business Owners

Small business owners who have finally had ENOUGH of the sleepless nights worrying about when the next threatening letter from the IRS will arrive, call EZ TAX RELIEF to ensure that not only will they stop receiving those letters, but can sleep even better knowing that only the highest qualified person, a tax attorney, will be representing their best interests with the IRS.

Self Employed

Local self employed people who have gotten a few years behind on taxes depend on professional to deal with the IRS. EZ Tax Relief is that trustworthy firm that will be your buffer with the IRS. They will make sure that all of the issues are resolved correctly, all taxes have been properly filed and that you pay the least amount possible to settle the problem.


Local residents who trusted the large, well known firms to initially represent them always end up turning to EZ Tax Relief after realizing they paid twice the amount for the same work that EZ Tax Relief does. Unlike the major firms, (optima), we don’t have 4 or 5 people with little to no tax resolution education, shuffling your case around.  If they have questions, they only have to call one number, the attorney working the case, or they can actually make an appointment and see the attorney face to face.  That is why we stand apart from the competition.

When only a Lawyer will do!


Your Own Tax Attorneys

Unlike traditional tax resolution company, EZ Tax Relief only uses Tax Attorneys and CPA under the guidance of the Tax Attorney get your IRS issues resolved.

Tax Solutions

Representation That Counts

Unlike an enrolled agent who has a limit to what they are allowed to do, tax attorneys have no such limit. No passing it around or waiting on multiple people to come together to figure out your case. This is why EZ Tax Relief only uses local tax attorneys to help you, so you will have the option of not only speaking to them over the phone, but in person as well.

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Get The Best Results

EZ Tax Relief only uses attorneys to negotiate the best settlement for you. They will fight for you all the way to Tax Court if necessary, try getting an enrolled agent to represent you when things get tough.


Don’t be fooled by the competition

Only EZ Tax Relief will assign you a local tax attorney to handle your case.

Written by Igor Goldenshtein